Building OAS3 compliant, Rest API in Python, using FastAPI

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A Rest API is a common element of many web services, every programming language and every framework has its own solution to develop a Rest API, I was looking for a fast way to build a lightweight yet OAS compliant API in Python and so I found... FastAPI. Read more

My implementation of the Dijkstra Algorithm, part 2

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After covering the basics and definyng the class to represent the Graph that will be used by the Dijkstra Algorithm, which is illustrated in detail here in this article. Read more

My implementation of the Dijkstra Algorithm, part 1

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Dijkstra Algorithm is maybe the most famous algorithm in the domain of graph theory, it's a classic and for very good reasons. In the first part of the article we're going to cover the basics, defining a basic implementation of the Graph class that we're going to use in the second part. Read more

How I did it, from mr. Html to dr. Jekyll

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The brief history of how and why I migrated my old html resume to GitHub pages, which by the way gave me the opportunity and the inspiration to add a small technical blog (which you are reading right now) using Jekyll. Neither DBs nor CMSs were harmed in the making of this blog. Read more

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